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Noroviruses are a major cause of acute gastroenteritis worldwide. The virus is extremely  contagious and can cause explosive outbreaks. With Actim Noro rapid test, an accurate and rapid diagnosis can be made immediately and the spread of the disease can be considerable limited.

Norovirus - the main cause of acute gastroenteritis

  • Highly contagious and extremely difficult to control
  • Can cause rapid outbreaks e.g. in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, spas and cruise ships
  • Affects people of all age and can infect a person several times in a lifetime
  • Infection cannot be prevented by either immunity or vaccination

Actim Noro test - Protect your patients quickly

  • Actim Noro rapid test is quick and reliable way to identify norovirus patients on the spot
  • Spreading of the disease can be limited and controlled e.g. in enclosed environments
  • Quick actions and proper precautions - e.g. hand hygiene and disinfection, patient isolation and rehydration, can be taken immediately to save time and money, and even live


Actim Noro - Quicker way to identify norovirus

  • Rapid test to detect norovirus in fecal samples
  • Hygienic and easy-to-use
  • Time to results max. 20 minutes
  • Kit contains all materials for testing
  • Can be stored at room temperature

Product availability and/or labeling may vary from country to country and is subject to varying regulatory requirements. Please contact your local representative for availability.

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