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Preterm delivery is a serious pregnancy complication that can have devastating consequences. Altough half of the pregnant women experience preterm contractions, only 20 % of them actually deliver preterm. Actim Partus rapid test is a fast and simple bedside test for identifying patients with a risk of preterm delivery.

Preterm delivery (PTD)

  • Delivery before 37th pregnancy week (WHO determination)

  • Occurs in approx. 5-15% of all deliveries

  • 50% of all pregnant women present with preterm contractions

  • Clinical symptoms and signs are inaccurate

  • Only ~20% of all symptomatic patients actually deliver preterm


Actim Partus test - Treat only those who need it the most

  • The high negative predictive value of Actim Partus test is a safe indication that imminent delivery is highly unlike
  • The majority of patients experiencing preterm contractions will not deliver preterm and get a negative Actim Partus test result
  • Treating the right patients reduces unnecessary costs and possible side-effects from medication - benefiting both the hospital and the patient


Actim Partus test - True labor or not?

  • Identify patients with a high risk of preterm delivery
  • Negative result clearly rules out imminent labor
  • Reliable answers available within minutes
  • Cost benefits - treat only those who need it the most
  • Easy procedure - no additional instrumentation or training needed

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