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Medix Biochemica offers coated microplates with MedixMAB antibodies to streamline your ELISA-process.

MedixMAB Coated Microplates

  • 96-well microplates coated with any MedixMAB clone required
  • Flexible batch sizes from 50-2000 plates
  • High quality and excellent lot to lot reproducibility

Flexible MedixMAB Coated Microplates

  • Coating according to known protocol or general protocol
  • Protocol can be optimised using DOE
  • Different plate formats and plate indetification on request
  • Flexible packing and labeling

Custom-oriented MedixMAB Coated Microplates

  • Highest quality standards, manufactured following the guidelines set by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Reproducibility, proven consistent high quality
  • Flexibility, customs-oriented service
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