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MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies - any scale needed

MedixMAB's product range covers monoclonal antibodies for a variety of markers. In order to meet the needs of different assay technologies, there are multiple clones for the most important analytes.


MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies - Pure, reliable, consistent and humane

  • Extensive selection of monoclonal antibodies for a variety of markers
  • Manufactured in vitro using the lastest manufacturing technology
  • Serum or protein free culture media
  • Fully characterized and purified by affinity chromatography - ensures the uniform product quality of every batch
  • Large production capability from a few hundred milligrams to hundreds of grams

MedixMAB - Core competencies

  • Hybridoma technique
  • Hollow fiber - cell culture
  • Immunochromatographic techniques
  • New development in recombinant antibody manufacturing




Cardiovascular monoclonal antibodies   

Diabetes monoclonal antibodies   

Fertility monoclonal antibodies  

Infectious disease monoclonal antibodies

Metabolism monoclonal antibodies 

Serology monoclonal antibodies

Specific proteins monoclonal antibodies

Thyroid monoclonal antibodies


Tumor markers monoclonal antibodies

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