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MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies - any scale needed

MedixMAB's product range covers monoclonal antibodies for a variety of markers. In order to meet the needs of different assay technologies, there are multiple clones for the most important analytes.

MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies - Pure, reliable, consistent and humane

  • Extensive selection of monoclonal antibodies for a variety of markers
  • Manufactured in vitro using the lastest manufacturing technology
  • Serum and protein free culture media
  • Fully characterized and purified by affinity chromatography - ensures the uniform product quality of every batch
  • Large production capability from a few hundred milligrams to hundreds of grams

MedixMAB - Core competencies

  • Hybridoma technique
  • Hollow fiber - cell culture
  • Immunochromatographic techniques
  • New development in recombinant antibody manufacturing




Please always check the product specification for detailed information!

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