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MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies

When we started the industrial-scale manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies nearly 30 years ago, we created a new paradigm for the antibody manufacturing industry.

MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies - While revolutionazing the industry...

  • We have become one the most important antibody suppliers for the IVD community

  • We are a preferred partner for a number of the world's most important in vitro diagnostics manufacturers


Original MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies!

  • Original manufacturer
  • In vitro production
  • Industrial-scale scope
  • Certified quality system
  • Expert customer service
  MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies 

MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies in a nutshell:


  • Long history with monoclonal antibodies
  • Understanding IVD-industry needs


  • Large scale production
  • Consistent quality


  • Consistent quality in any scale
  • Accurate, global deliveries


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