Avidin, Egg White - >10 U/mg protein - >98% pure

Catalog Number: 102-90-500

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You're reviewing:Avidin, Egg White - >10 U/mg protein - >98% pure
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Product Overview
Product NameAvidin, Egg White - >10 U/mg protein - >98% pure
Catalog Number102-90-500
BrandLee Biosolutions
Further Specification
Concentration> 0.90 mg protein/mg solid
PurityHighly Purified
CAS Number1405-69-2
SourceChicken Egg White
Molecular Weight64,000 (tetramer of 16,000 MW subunits)
Unit DefinitionOne unit will bind one microgram of d-biotin.
Biological Activity> 10 U/mg solid
Storage and Shipping
Storage2-8ยบ C
ShippingCold packs
Shelf Life3 years