Custom development

Our offering

Medix Biochemica has over 30 years of experience developing numerous hybridoma cell lines as well as highly specific and potent monoclonal antibodies. Our customers come from many areas – small, academic universities to large, international pharmaceutical companies — to collaborate with Medix Biochemica, a trusted partner and solutions provider.

Through our experience, our company has invested in, developed and used well-established platforms to support the growth of Medix Biochemica. Through our custom development services, we can use these platforms to help you advance your research and development projects.

To discuss your needs with one of our team, please get in touch today or email us at sales@medixbiochemica.com.

Applications supported

Monoclonal antibody development:

Medix Biochemica offers full or partial custom development of antibodies.

  • Immunization, screening assays, fusion, subcloning, production and purification
  • Bulk antibody manufacturing
  • Custom conjugation
  • A complete range of analytical services for antibody screening and characterization


Medix Biochemica also offers its skills and know-how to provide an immunoassay development service to fit your custom needs:

  • Custom immunoassay development and validation
  • Custom immunoassay manufacturing
  • Immunoassay analysis

Phage display:

Phage display is a method that allows the selection of a protein through its presentation on the surface of phages. In short, a phage library expressing a wide diversity of peptides or proteins is used to select those binding the desired targets. Phage display is a powerful technique and can be a good alternative to the conventional hybridoma method:

  • Fast process
  • Better diversity
  • Stability of clones
  • Possibility to obtain recombinations not present in the natural form
  • Available formats: Fab, ScFv, VHH, full recombinant antibody
  • Different species: mouse, rabbit, llama, amongst others


Our team of scientists possesses strong expertise with primary cells and transformed cell lines. We are able to develop and validate custom
cell-based assays for research and development or perform analyses by routine procedures.

  • Bioassay development and validation
  • Routine bioassay analysis e.g., ADCC, ADCP
  • Endotoxin testing
  • Cell culture and cell functionality analysis supporting clinical trials or pharmaceutical discovery projects 
  • Immunophenotyping
  • Cell selection and isolation

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