A bunch of new products!

New monoclonal antibodies and antigens for D-dimer, IL-6, T4, Galectin-3, H. Pylori, Rotavirus and Vitamin D.

We are excited to introduce several new monoclonal MedixMAB antibodies in December. The following products are now ready for the assay development as capture and detection antibodies.

 More D-Dimer MedixMAB cardiac antibodies 

Two additional monoclonal mouse antibodies are now available to widen our D-dimer range:

  • Anti-h D-Dimer 1408 SPTN-5, ref. 100799
  • Anti-h D-Dimer 1409 SPTN-5, ref. 100800

Detailed product specifications including updated pair recommendations are available on the D-dimer Product Specifications.

New IL-6 MedixMAB antibody

Our existing IL-6 antibody product range now includes an additional mouse monoclonal antibody for detecting inflammation process in various diseases.

  • Anti-h IL-6 2707 SPTN-5, ref. 100798

New T4 antibody for thyroid disorders

A new monoclonal mouse antibody for thyroxine (T4) assays can now be ordered.

  • Anti-Thyroxine 6902 SPTN-5, ref. 100801

New MedixAntigens 

The following antigens are now ready and can be used as control antigens in immunological test development.

Vitamin D antigens in new pack sizes

To extend the flexibility in product ordering sizes, the following Vitamin D antigens can now be ordered in a larger, 1 mg pack size:

  • Vitamin D antigen, NH2, 1 mg. ref. 710070
  • Vitamin D antigen, COOH, 1 mg, ref. 710071