Easy RSV test for everyone, anywhere

Actim® RSV is an easy and reliable bedside test for a rapid respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) diagnosis.

RSV is highly contagious and a common cause of respiratory infections. RSV causes yearly epidemics and almost everyone gets infected by the age of two. Although the early symptoms are similar to common cold, the infection can be a real threat for some patient groups, and especially for preterm infants, elderly people, and patients suffering from chronic diseases. There is no vaccination available against the disease.

Actim RSV is designed to rule out or diagnose RSV from respiratory samples instantly, and on the spot. The same test is suitable for all patients from newborns to elderly people.

The test is reliable and highly specific for RSV. Thus, bacterial infections, other viruses causing respiratory infections, and influenza medications do not interfere with Actim RSV test results. Rapid RSV diagnosis helps to identify the patients in need of hospitalization, start the proper treatment quickly, and also reduces the risk of complications.

Actim<sup>®</sup> RSV
Key facts
  • Easy-to-use, one-step dipstick test
  • Rapid and reliable RSV diagnosis with 97% sensitivity and 94% specificity
  • Recognizes both A and B types of RSV
  • Suitable for all patients regardless of age
  • Can be used for various respiratory samples
  • Suitable also for very viscous, poorly absorbable samples
  • Gives positive test results at the bedside within 15 minutes
  • The test kit contains all necessary materials and can be stored at room temperature
  • Available also with both RSV positive and negative controls for quality assurance

How Actim RSV works

The Actim® RSV rapid test is based on highly specific monoclonal antibodies that recognize both RSV A and B antigens from respiratory fluids. The test can be performed even in the presence of the common cold, influenza, or influenza medication.

How Actim RSV helps

Although the early symptoms of RS virus infection are relatively mild, and similar to common cold or influenza, the disease may become severe as it progresses. The easy-to-use Actim® RSV rapid bedside test offers a quick method to diagnose RSV, which improves patient care and spares valuable healthcare resources.

Find the cause and begin the right treatment

  • Patients in need of medical attention and hospitalization are identified
  • Proper treatment can be started quickly
  • Risk of complications is reduced
  • Correct diagnosis limits the use of unnecessary antibiotics and influenza medication
  • Enables the follow-up of the start and spreading of RS virus epidemics
  • RSV positive patients are easily detected and can be isolated to prevent the infection from spreading

How to use Actim RSV

Actim® RSV test kit contains all necessary materials and can be stored at room temperature: 2–25 °C.

  • Collect a respiratory sample

Nasopharyngeal swab, nasal/nasopharyngeal wash, nasopharyngeal aspirate

  • Extract the sample for nasopharyngeal swab

Dispense 10 drops of Swab Extraction Buffer into the test tube.

Place the swab into the test tube and swirl around for about 10 seconds. Press the swab against the wall of the tube and remove it from the tube.

  • Extract the sample for nasal/nasopharyngeal wash or nasopharyngeal aspirate

Dispense 3 drops of Extraction Buffer into the test tube.

Mix the solutions well.

  • Activate the test

Place the yellow dip area into the test tube with extracted sample and leave it there until reading.

  • Interpret test results.

A positive result can be read as soon as it becomes visible. One blue line and one black line = the patient has RSV infection

A negative result should be confirmed at 15 minutes. One black line = the patient does not have RSV infection

How to order Actim RSV

Actim® RSV test kit contains 20 tests and it is available with or without controls. All test kits contain:

  • Dipstick (individually packed)
  • Swab Extraction Buffer
  • Extraction Buffer
  • Swabs
  • Test tubes
  • Instructions for use

In addition, the Actim RSV kit 33032ETAC contains external RSV controls: one lyophilized vial each of RSV Positive Control and RSV Negative Control.

Ordering information

  • Actim RSV 20 tests kit with controls, ref. 33032ETAC
  • Actim RSV 20 tests kit, ref. 33034ETAC

How to get Actim RSV

Actim rapid tests are used by medical professionals worldwide. To ensure a prompt delivery, Actim tests are distributed via local companies.

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