AMH monoclonal antibodies

We are now introducing monoclonal antibodies for quantitative analysis of Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), an exciting biomarker which is used to measure ovarian reserve in a variety of clinical situations, especially to evaluate ovarian response to in in vitro fertilization treatment or to predict timing of the menopause. AMH can also be used as a marker for ovarian dysfunction, mainly polycystic ovary syndrome as well as granulosa cell tumors.

The five new MedixMAB AMH products are mouse monoclonal antibodies, produced in vitro and raised against the human protein.

Ordering information
Product code Product name
Anti-h AMH 11301 SPTN-5
Anti-h AMH 11302 SPTN-5
Anti-h AMH 11303 SPTN-5
Anti-h AMH 11304 SPTN-5
Anti-h AMH 11305 SPTN-5
Excellent performance

MedixMAB AMH antibodies demonstrate excellent sensitivity that correlates well with reference IVD assays.

The evaluation with patient samples shows that the new MedixMAB AMH antibodies are very suitable in the development of sensitive diagnostic assays for measuring AMH levels in clinical samples.

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Samples of MedixMAB AMH antibodies are now available upon request.