Use and Storage

Storage temperature

Antibodies should be stored at +2°…+8°C. Repeated opening and closing of the bottle should be avoided. Antibodies are stable until the expiry date in an unopened vial.


Effect of freezing and thawing on antibodies has not been tested systematically. Most of the antibodies may be stored at -20ºC for longer periods but the user should test the effect of thawing on the test performance. Medix Biochemica assumes no responsibility or liability if the antibody has been frozen. As with all biological materials repeated freeze thawing should be avoided. Some antibodies may form a precipitate upon thawing (see precipitation).

Expiry date

Expiries of our antibodies are based on real time stability data. All antibodies have at least 3 months of expiry when shipped from Medix Biochemica. Expiry date is printed on product label using YYYY-MM-DD notation.


Some antibodies may become slightly opaque during longer storage periods especially if the bottle has been opened repeatedly. This opacity is due to slight precipitation of the antibody and the opacity may be removed by filtrating the antibody using a 0.2 micrometer filter without compromising the activity or the yield of the antibody.

Customer satisfaction and complaint handling

MedixMABTM monoclonal antibodies meet even the most stringent requirements set for raw materials intended for in vitro diagnostic use. However, if the product does not meet the quality control specifications set forth please inform us within 14 days of receiving the product. Our aim is to solve the problems as thoroughly as possible, and in doing so we need also your feedback. While submitting your complaint provide us the following information.

  • Was the package intact when received?
  • Was the package kept in cold during the transport?
  • Description of the fault as detailed as possible (i.e. assay pH, buffer, sample description, control material description)
  • Other details which may help in solving the problem

We may request you to return the remaining material in order to analyze the material in our facility. When returning the material please pack it so that no additional damage will occur during the shipping.