Antibodies for osteoporosis assays


We are pleased to announce the extension of MedixMAB range with the introduction of two PINP monoclonal antibodies. Amino-terminal propeptide of type I procollagen, known as PINP, is released into blood circulation during bone formation, and it is used as a bone turnover marker for the assessment of fracture risk and monitoring of osteoporosis treatment. PINP is recommended as a reference bone formation marker by IOF and IFCC (1).

The new MedixMAB PINP antibodies are produced in vitro and raised against the human protein and they detect especially trimeric intact form of PINP. As serum concentration of intact PINP is not influenced by impaired kidney function, these antibodies are most suitable for diagnostic assays.

Ordering information: 

Product code      Product 

100784                   Anti-h PINP 11501 SPTN-5
100785                   Anti-h PINP 11502 SPTN-5 

 Please see the product specifications of the PINP antibodies for more details and request your sample.

(1) Vasikaran S, Eastell R, Bruyére O et al. (2011). Markers of bone turnover for the prediction of fracture risk and monitoring of osteoporosis treatment: a need for international reference standards. Osteoporos Int 22:391-420