CA15-3 tumor marker

CA15-3 monoclonal antibodies available

Four monoclonal antibody clones of a new tumor marker CA15-3 are available. The clones 4401, 4402, 4403, and 4404 recognize the MUC-1 core protein of Cancer antigen 15-3.

CA15-3 is a widely used serum marker for breast cancer.

Product name: Conc.: Ref.:
Anti-h CA15-3 4401 5mg/ml 100591
Anti-h CA15-3 4402 5mg/ml 100595
Anti-h CA15-3 4403 5mg/ml 100583
Anti-h CA15-3 4404 5mg/ml 100584

In a CA15-3 assay these antibodies should be used together with CA15-3 antibody specific for a sialylated carbohydrate epitope on the MUC-1 protein.

All MedixMAB monoclonal mouse antibodies are produced in vitro under conditions free from animal derived components.

CA15-3 antibodies are now available for testing. Please ask us for samples!