What is Medix Biochemica about

Medix Biochemica is a leading global supplier of critical raw materials for in vitro diagnostics (IVD). By optimizing efficiencies and ensuring consistent quality, Medix Biochemica can help IVD manufacturers shorten their time to market. We achieve this by combining our scientific expertise with the broadest and most relevant raw material portfolio and by being relentless in our commitment to quality.
We help IVD customers deliver accurate results to billions of patients worldwide through our talented, diverse, and global team. Our team is truly what allows us to achieve our ambitious goals.


Medix Biochemica Group site locations

We serve our global customers from our sites in Finland, the USA, France, and China.

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Open positions and applications

Who we are and how we work

Our heritage provides us with a strong foundation. We are proud of our quality, are explorers at heart, and are all committed team players—it’s in our DNA. Our passion, diversity, and values form the foundation of our shared culture. We are passionate about innovation and delivering quality to our customers and people.

We believe our values are critical to the success of our company:

  • We Care – by working together we put the customer first; we care for the people and the world around us
  • We Dare – We are ambitious and innovative; we take risks and dare to win with our customers
  • We Deliver – We commit to our customers and keep our promises.

As part of our We Care value, we strive for a diverse culture of inclusion and belonging. We come from all around the world and have employees in many different countries. This means our team speaks many of different languages. Our employees also have diverse professional backgrounds and education. Some have been with us for only a few months while, others have been here for over 40 years. Today, we have more female than male colleagues at all levels of the organization. We also strive for a diverse culture where everyone can be their true selves at work—making a difference in the success of the company and the world around us.

Our people

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Petra Tuomiranta

Petra Tuomiranta

My name is Petra and I work as an R&D scientist. I do lots of work purifying and analyzing raw materials. Being a growing company, we need many product development projects. That’s why it’s important that I help in ensuring what we make is of quality. My work is also exciting because I know I have a direct impact in diagnostics and developing better tests. I recently graduated and I feel that I develop and gain tons of knowledge, Medix Biochemica Biochemica is a great opportunity for me to develop my skills. Here at Medix Biochemica Biochemica we have a great drive and we care about our colleagues. My colleagues are very skillful, inspiring and all around amazing, we create a great atmosphere together.


André Fernandes

Andre Fernandes / Medix Biochemica

I am a Sales Manager, currently with responsibilities in the ROW region and in the BeNeLux. Selling involves lots of different activities, a very important part of my work is to identify new clients and new business opportunities within the existing customer base. Being able to work for a dynamic company, with a team that is looking to succeed and to continuously evolve is very interesting. Even having a remote role, the relationship with my direct team is fantastic. We work in a very collaborative way, almost if we were physically together.

Medix Biochemica is by far a company that impacts Human health monitoring in a very direct way. Even though we are not known to the regular user of kits we should be very happy of the work we all develop at the company. Knowing that our raw materials are present in billions of IVD tests is unique and if we think on the amount of medical info we have actually helped to deliver and consequently provide correct diagnostics is an exclusive felling. The amazing journey that an IVD kit makes until getting to a user or to a medical personal is worth to tell others about it. Knowing that our materials are present in so many IVD test kits is something that makes me very proud.

Matt Dobbs

Matt Dobbs

I work as a Production Chemist in Saint Louis, Missouri. My main role is to purify raw materials to meet our final product specifications. I help Medix Biochemica in succeeding by ensuring quality product is produced in a reliable, repeatable, and well documented manner on time. The variation of different products I purify, and the various methods used to the targeted product purity makes my job exciting. At Medix Biochemica Biochemica, we are dedicated to creating a reliable work environment and good products. My colleagues and I are all productive, innovative and goal-oriented.

Hong Zhang

I am Sr. product manager based in Shanghai, China. My aim is to make our customers satisfied and to win sales business by cooperating with different teams to get sources and information. I also support the sales team and promote our brand. I am so honored to be part of the Medix Biochemica group. After graduating from Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as a PhD focused on infectious disease. I have good experience beforehand that matches with the development of Medix Biochemica group. And at the same time, the professional training and support provided by Medix Biochemica makes me more professional and more confident in handling questions and problems. New challenges make full of energy every day, the new things to learn and challenges to meet that come with Medix Biochemica being a growing company make me excited. Our atmosphere at Medix Biochemica is good and friendly to everyone. Once met with difficult things, I can feel free to turn to everyone to ask for a favor.

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Open positions and applications