The head office of Medix Biochemica is in Espoo, Finland where our antibody and antigen production as well as research and development are located. Actim rapid tests are manufactured at our Joensuu site in Eastern Finland. We have sales and manufacturing sites in Shanghai, China; St. Louis, MO, USA, and North Berwick, ME, USA.

Medix Biochemica headquarters Manufacturing site, Immunodiagnostic Reagents

Klovinpellontie 3
FI-02180 Espoo

Phone: +358 9 547 680
Email: medix(at)
Personnel’s email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

Medix Biochemica, China

Shanghai Medix Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Floor 11, Building 6, No. 10 Lvzhou Ring Rd.
Pujiang, Minhang, 201114 Shanghai, China

Phone: 021-6811 9181, 6811 9180, 6811 9105
Email: medixchina(at)
Personnel’s email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

EastCoast Bio, Inc.

PO Box 489
North Berwick, ME 03906
United States of America

Phone: 1-207-676-7639
Email: info(at)
Personnel’s email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

Medix Biochemica Manufacturing site, Diagnostic tests

Noljakantie 13
80130 Joensuu

Kotimaan pikatestitilaukset (domestic orders):
09 547 68 200 / tilaukset(at)
Personnel’s email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

Lee Biosolutions, Manufacturing site, IVD Biomaterials

10850 Metro Court
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
United States of America

Phone: (1) 314-968-1091
Email: info(at)
Personnel’s email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

Medix Biochemica company data

Official name: Oy Medix Biochemica Ab
Business ID: 1463153-2
VAT: FI14631532
Domicile: Kauniainen


Steve Ferguson / Medix Biochemica
Steve Ferguson


Pamela Pirrit

Vice President, Global Marketing

Sales & Marketing, Diagnostic tests

Magnus Pålsson

Vice President, Diagnostic Tests

Medix Biochemica, Bioreagents, Sales Manager.
Tapani Elovirta

Sales Manager

Eastern Europe, APAC, Latin America

Medix Biochemica, Sales Manager, Diagnostics tests.
Kai Harjula

Sales Manager

Europe, Middle East

Medix Biochemica, Sales Manager, Diagnostics Tests.
Maria Hilvo

Sales Manager

(on maternity leave)

Medix Biochemica, Diagnostic tests, Domestic Sales, Sales Manager.
Leena Lanzett

Sales Manager


Medix Biochemica, Diagnostic tests, Product Line Manager.
Laura Kanto

Product Line Manager

Medix Biochemica, Marketing Specialist.
Maria Ehrlund

Marketing Communications Manager

Medix Biochemica, Diagnostic tests, Domestic Sales, Marketing Co-ordinator.
Rita Perämäki

Marketing Coordinator, domestic sales

Nina Ji, Medix Biochemica, 2019
Nina Ji

Business Development Manager, China

Sales & Marketing, Immunodiagnostic Reagents

Medix Biochemica, Bioreagents, Business Director.
Laura-Leena Kiiskinen

Vice President, Immunodiagnostic Reagents

Christian Lautenschläger

Vice President, Commercial Operations

Europe & RoW

Medix Biochemica Sales Director.
Alex Leyshon

Sales Director

Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa

Andre Fernandes / Medix Biochemica
André Fernandes

New Business Sales Manager

Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa

Andreia Duarte

Sales Manager

Western and Northern Europe

Pamela Williams

Business Development Director

Medix Biocehmica, Bioreagents, Marketing Manager.
Soile Gyllenbögel

Marketing Manager

Jonna Kurkela / Medix Biochemica
Jonna Kurkela

Digital Marketing Specialist

Medix Biochemica, Bioreagents, Product Line Manager.
Maija Partanen

Product Manager

Cardiovascular, Diabetes & Metabolism, Inflammation, Kidney Markers, Serology

Medix Biochemica, Bioreagents, Product Manager.
Minna Raatikainen

Product Manager

Bone Metabolism, Hormones, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Thyroid Markers, Tumor Markers

Amy Moore

Product Manager

EastCoast Bio products, Drugs of Abuse

Marika Suomalainen

Product Specialist

Medix Biochemica USA

Medix Biochemica USA, Sales Director
Tom Thompson

Vice President, Commercial Operations

North America

Medix Biochemica USA, Sales Manager West Coast.
Felix Beltran

Sales Manager

West Coast

Mike Garofalo

Sales Manager

Northeast & Upper Midwest

Gloria Celentano

Sales Manager

Mid-Atlantic & Southeast

Bob Watt

Sales Manager

Upper Northeast & West Central US

Medix Biochemica China

Medix Biochemica China, General Manager.
Vincent Chen

Vice President, Commercial Operations and General Manager

Medix Biochemica China, Commercial Manager.
Sally Dong

Commercial Manager

Medix Biochemica China, Product Manager.
Hong Zhang

Product Manager

Medix Biochemica China, Regional Sales Manager.
Zhenyu Jing

Regional Sales Manager

Central & North China

Medix Biochemica China, Laboratory Manager.
William Sun

Laboratory Manager

Kenneth Song

Senior Account Manager

South China

Daniel Dong

Account Manager

South China

Gordon Zhang

Senior Account Manager

Central China

Aaron Chen

Account Manager

Central China

Qianqian Ma

Account Manager

Central China

Hui Li

Account Manager

North China


Medix Biochemica, Logistics Manager.
Päivi Rautio

Logistics Manager

Medix Biochemimica, Export Co-ordinator.
Tuija Kiramo

Export Coordinator

Medix Biochemica, Export Co-ordinator.
Viivi Liukkonen

Export Coordinator

Emmi Keränen, Medix Biochemica, 2019
Emmi Keränen

Export Coordinator

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