MedixMAB™ Antibodies & MedixAntigens™

When we started the industrial-scale manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies over 35 years ago, we created a new paradigm for the antibody industry. Now our product range covers established and widely used monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens for a variety of markers, including hormone, cardiovascular, inflammation, tumor and thyroid biomarkers.
We also offer a highly cost-effective service for in vitro monoclonal antibody and recombinant antigen manufacturing by in vitro methods. Our customized turnkey contract manufacturing service makes antibody and antigen production both effortless and worry-free, with our fully certified quality control system.
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Your molecular diagnostics partner from concept to commercialization

Quality reagents you can expect from Medix Biochemica, combined with a host of custom services to provide IVD kit manufacturers, labs and research institutions with the tailored support they need from proof-of-concept right through to release for sale.

Our team has comprehensive and diverse expertise in the development and manufacturing of molecular diagnostic kits and is perfectly placed to provide support and guidance at every step of the way.

Find out more about our extensive range of products and s available now.

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Lee Biosolutions

Founded in 1975, Lee Biosolutions is a manufacturer of high-quality antigens, proteins, enzymes, and biologicals used for quality controls and calibrators in the IVD industry. The company is known for its outstanding capabilities in protein purification and operational excellence in raw materials sourcing. The company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Medix Biochemica acquired Lee Biosolutions in November 2019.
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EastCoast Bio

Founded in 1995, EastCoast Bio is a supplier of high-quality antibodies, antigens, blocking buffers, and specialized immunoassay reagents for the IVD manufacturing industry worldwide. The company is particularly well known for its leading portfolio of drugs of abuse, infectious disease and veterinary antibodies and antigens as well as for its fish blocking products. EastCoast Bio is headquartered in North Berwick, Maine, USA. Medix Biochemica acquired EastCoast Bio in June 2020.
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Diaclone is a leading provider of monoclonal antibodies, ELISA and EliSpot kits. Founded in France in 1986, Diaclone is widely recognized for its expertise in the fields of inflammation, oncology and immunology. The company offers best-in-class monoclonal antibodies, high quality ELISA and ELISpot kits as well as custom services, ranging from immunoassay kit development to new antibody discovery using hybridoma and phage display technologies, to a broad range of IVD, life science, and pharmaceutical customers. Diaclone joined Medix Biochemica Group in July 2021.
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Our Actim® business is specializing in developing and producing innovative diagnostic rapid tests for healthcare professionals who require accurate point-of care results within minutes for their patients with infectious and gastrointestinal diseases.
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