D-dimer, IL-6, and other Bioreagents for IVD tests

Medix Biochemica Group Combined product portfolio

Several biomarkers have become important predictors of severe Covid-19 disease, including D-dimer, IL-6, Troponins, CK and CRP 1,2. We provide a unique, single source for a wide range of well validated bioreagents, including several matching antibody pairs and control antigens.


The graph above demonstrates that MedixMAB D-dimer antibody pair, 1408 and 1409, detect D-dimer levels even below 100 ng/ml. Native D-dimer antigens of Lee Biosolutions, 200-09, 200-12 and 200-13, were used in the evaluation. The use of native material extracted from natural sources is especially important for D-dimer assays, as the D-dimer molecule is a cross-linked degradation fragment of fibrin, and the structure is not easily reproducible in recombinant protein expression systems. These sensitive antibody-antigen pairs perform well in lateral flow, ELISA and immunoturbidimetry.

Our most popular D-dimer and IL-6 monoclonal antibodies and matching control antigens include:

Recommended IL-6 pairs: 2706 + 2707 & 2703 + 2707



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