Delivering IVD raw material expertise in China for 5 years

Medix Biochemica China 5 years

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Medix Biochemica in China. Over the past five years, Medix Biochemica China, and China’s IVD industry have undergone significant changes and developments. Together we have witnessed innovations and upgrades in in vitro diagnostic products and technologies.

By continuously improving our domestic R&D, production and service capabilities and constantly expanding our product line, Medix Biochemica China can provide high quality raw materials and services to help our IVD partners develop accurate diagnostic products

5 years is a milestone for Medix Biochemica China and it is also a new starting point. Our evolution and our focus on quality underpins our ambition to be the preferred partner and #1 supplier to the IVD industry.

Medix Biochemica China 5-year anniversary video in Chinese:

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Medix Biochemica Group

Medix Biochemica Group is a leading global supplier of critical raw materials to the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry. Our mission is to help enable IVD customers to deliver accurate results to billions of patients worldwide.
Working in partnership with Medix Biochemica, IVD manufacturers can reduce their time to market through our industry-leading expertise, increasing efficiencies and building quality into their tests. We achieve this by combining our scientific expertise with the broadest and most relevant raw material portfolio and by being relentless in our commitment to quality.
Together with Lee Biosolutions, EastCoast Bio and Diaclone, we bring over 135 years of combined diagnostics expertise to our customers all over the world.