Discover new MedixMAB™ antibodies for Lp-PLA2!

We are pleased to announce the expansion of MedixMAB monoclonal antibody selection with the introduction of four Lp-PLA2 antibodies. Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2, known as Lp-PLA2, is a relatively new marker in cardiac testing and generally used as a risk marker for cardiovascular disease and ischemic stroke. The four new MedixMAB Lp-PLA2 antibodies are produced in vitro and raised against the human protein.

Ordering information:

  • Anti Lp-PLA2 11202 SPTN-5, product code: 100751
  • Anti Lp-PLA2 11207 SPTN-5, product code: 100753
  • Anti Lp-PLA2 11208 SPTN-5, product core: 100754
  • Anti Lp-PLA2 11209 SPTN-5 product code: 100755

Please see the product specifications of the new Lp-PLA2 antibodies for more details.

The new antibodies suit well for lateral flow and ELISA applications. Request your sample.