Discover new MedixMAB™ S100B antibodies

We are pleased to announce the growth of the MedixMAB monoclonal antibody range with the introduction of S100B antibodies. The three new MedixMAB S100B antibodies are produced in vitro under conditions free from animal-derived components and raised against the human protein.

S100B is an emerging biomarker for traumatic brain injury. This marker can also be used as a prognostic tool in melanoma patients. Other clinical uses are also widely discussed.

The new MedixMAB S100B antibodies recognize our existing recombinant S100B antigen, making it a suitable control antigen for S100B immunological tests.

Please see the product specifications for more product details and request a sample!

Ordering information:

MedixMAB S100B antibodies

  • Anti-h S100B 11401 SPTN-5                         Product code 100788
  • Anti-h S100B 11402 SPTN-5                         Product code 100779
  • Anti-h S100B 11404 SPTN-5                         Product code 100781


  • S100B recombinant antigen, 50 µl            Product code 710014
  • S100B recombinant antigen, 500 µl          Product code 710045
  • S100B recombinant antigen, 1000 µl        Product code 710044