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New MedixMAB Products

We are pleased to announce the growth of the MedixMAB monoclonal antibody range with the introduction of several new products for the development of diagnostic assays:

Recombinant Troponin I Antibody

Our portfolio of troponin I antibodies is growing with a new recombinant cTnI antibody. The new MedixMAB cTnI antibody works as a high-affinity capture antibody and binds to the important epitope region of 39 – 52 aa, and it can be paired with our existing MedixMAB cTnI antibodies.

Ordering information
Product Product code
Anti-h cTnI RC9750 SPTN-5 700050

Please see also our existing MedixMAB cTnI antibodies and antigen products.

Prealbumin Antibodies

Prealbumin, also known as transthyretin (TTR), is a common biomarker associated with malnutrition and it is very useful in monitoring nutritional status in a variety of clinical conditions. The five new MedixMAB Prealbumin monoclonal antibodies are now ready for ordering.

Ordering information

These antibodies recognize our native prealbumin antigens under the Lee Biosolutions brand:

More AMH Antibodies

Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is used as a biomarker to assess ovarian reserve levels. The new MedixMAB AMH 11309 monoclonal antibody completes our offering of monoclonal AMH antibodies, allowing more pairing options and providing even more sensitive AMH detection.

Ordering information
Product Product code
Anti-h AMH 11309 SPTN 5 100840

Please check our complete AMH antibody product range on the website.

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