Guaranteed antibody quality

At Medix Biochemica, we manufacture our MedixMAB™ antibodies on site using our in vitro production methods – enabling us to guarantee production and uniform product quality in every batch.

Why does this matter and what difference does it make to the products you get? Read on to find out…

Quality, consistency and reliability

MedixMAB antibodies and antigens are manufactured to the highest possible quality requirements (ISO 13485:2016, EN ISO 13485:2016 and FDA QSR). Our in vitro production equipment produces high yields and enables us to manufacture large lots and purify high concentrations of monoclonal antibody. This ensures consistent quality from lot to lot meaning that you can rely on MedixMABs to perform equally in every single batch.

In addition, all of our MedixMAB antibodies are checked for monoclonality – we thoroughly examine this before a product is transferred to production which again ensures batch-to-batch consistency. This means that you get identical, high levels of quality in every order, and importantly, eliminates the need for extensive incoming quality testing on the products you receive from Medix Biochemica.

As we can produce on a large scale, we can also keep customer-friendly pricing. This high production capacity also ensures that our production team is highly experienced in effective planning. What this means for you is that we will always deliver reagents in the agreed delivery time. Medix Biochemica supplies antibodies and antigens with an over 99% on-time rate, so you can always rely on our quality and punctuality.

In answer to our question, Medix Biochemica’s on-site in vitro production methods make a big difference – not only enabling us to guarantee the consistent quality of our products, but also ensuring their reliability, cost and delivery!

Why not follow one the world’s leading IVD manufacturer’s and put your trust in our 30 years’ worth of experience in delivering the highest possible quality antibodies and antigens for all your projects.

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