Influenza A NP available

Medix Biochemica influenza marker portfolio now includes a new recombinant antigen, Influenza A NP. As the nucleoprotein (NP) is highly conserved among influenza A virus strains, it makes the NP a very suitable control antigen to be used in influenza A immunological tests.

This new antigen is an addition to our Influenza A markers’ offering to suit your assay development. All available Influenza A MedixMABTM antibodies recognize the new Influenza A NP antigen.

Ordering information

Product Code                              Name                                                                          

610050                                           Recombinant Influenza A NP, 100 µg  NEW!

100081                                           Anti-Influenza A 7304 SPRN-5

100082                                           Anti-Influenza A 7305 SPRN-5

100083                                           Anti-Influenza A 7307 SPTN-5

100431                                           Anti-Influenza A 7314 SPTN-5

Details and product specifications of the new Influenza A NP antigen are available on our website.