New MedixMAB™ KIM-1 antibodies for acute kidney injury

We now expand our kidney marker portfolio with the introduction of four monoclonal KIM-1 antibodies. Kidney injury molecule-1, known as KIM-1, is a promising novel biomarker, mostly used for early detection of acute kidney injury (AKI). The new MedixMAB products are mouse monoclonal antibodies, produced in vitro and raised against the human protein.

Ordering information                                                                  

  • Anti-h KIM-1 10101 SPTN-5, ref. 100738
  • Anti-h KIM-1 10102 SPTN-5, ref. 100739
  • Anti-h KIM-1 10103 SPTN-5, ref. 100740
  • Anti-h KIM-1 10106 SPTN-5, ref. 100742

Samples of the new KIM-1 antibodies are available upon request. Sample ordering and full product specifications are available online.