New antibodies for Insulin & E2

We are launching new monoclonal antibodies for human estradiol (E2) and human insulin. These are mouse monoclonal antibodies, which are cultured in vitro, and raised against human proteins. Estradiol antibodies can be used in a competitive assay. Insulin antibody clone 9351 works as a capture and clone 9350 as detection antibody in ELISA.

  • Anti-h E2 (Estradiol) clone 10450, ref. 700011
  • Anti-h E2 (Estradiol) clone 10451, ref. 700012
  • Anti-h Insulin clone 9350, ref. 700013
  • Anti-h Insulin clone 9351, 700014

Product specifications and more information can be found on our website. Samples of estradiol and insulin antibodies are now available upon request.