New bone markers: Vitamin D and PTH

We are launching several new monoclonal antibodies and antigens for human Vitamin D and a monoclonal antibody for parathyroid hormone (PTH). These are mouse monoclonal antibodies, cultured in vitro, and synthetic antigens. These vitamin D monoclonal antibodies recognize both 25 OH Vitamin D2 and 25 OH vitamin D3 and the antigens 700048 and 700049.

  • Anti-Vitamin 25OH D2/D3 clone 3850, ref. 700016
  • Anti-Vitamin 25OH D2/D3 clone 3851, ref. 700017
  • Vitamin D antigen, BSA conjugated, 1 mg, ref. 710048
  • Vitamin D antigen, Biotin conjugated, 1 mg, ref. 710049
  • Anti-h Parathyroid hormone (PTH) clone 10750, ref. 700024

Product specifications and more information can be found on our website.

Samples of vitamin D antibodies, antigens and PTH antibody are now available upon request.