New catalog number for select EastCoast Bio products

EastCoast Bio

Selected EastCoast Bio products now available as MedixMAB Drugs of Abuse monoclonal antibodies and antigen conjugates.

Medix Biochemica acquired the businesses of EastCoast Bio and Biostride in June 2020 to provide customers a wider and more comprehensive IVD reagent product portfolio.

The manufacturing operations of select EastCoast Bio monoclonal antibody and antigen conjugate products previously manufactured by Biostride will transfer to Medix Biochemica’s ISO 13485 certified manufacturing site in Finland. This change will ensure long-term supply of high-quality raw materials to our customers.

All monoclonal antibody products impacted will be produced using the same original mouse monoclonal hybridoma cell lines, and all antigen conjugate products will be produced with the same manufacturing protocols as before.

In this manufacturing transfer, the catalog numbers of the impacted EastCoast Bio products will change. The new catalog number can be found on the new Drugs of Abuse category page, and on the existing EastCoast Bio Product Data Sheets.

All new sample orders should be placed with the new catalog code.

Note that only the Biostride manufactured EastCoast Bio products are impacted by this change. No other EastCoast Bio products are affected.

Should you have any questions regarding these changes, or if you would like to place a sample order, please contact your local Medix Biochemica Sales Manager, or email: moc.acimehcoibxidem@xidem or moc.oibtsaoctsae@ofni for assistance.