New E2 antigen and monoclonal antibodies

We are pleased to announce the launch of new estradiol (E2) antigen to complement our MedixMAB fertility product portfolio.

The concentration of estradiol, a female sex hormone, reflects the level of ovarian activity and aids in fertility assessment. The MedixMAB portfolio now includes an E2 antigen (synthetic COOH-functionalized estradiol 6-hemisuccinate) and two new mouse monoclonal antibodies that are produced in vitro and raised against human estradiol.

Order information

  • NEW! E2 (estradiol) 6-HS antigen, 1 mg, ref. 710050
  • Anti-h E2 (estradiol) 10450, ref. 700011
  • Anti-h E2 (estradiol) 10451 , ref. 700012

More information on MedixMAB estradiol antigen and antibodies can be found on our website.

Samples of the estradiol antigen and antibodies are now available upon request.