New MedixANTIGEN for C. difficile GDH

A new MedixANTIGEN, a recombinant Clostridium difficile glutamate dehydrogenase antigen, has been added to our infections’ antibody range.

As the new C. difficile GDH antigen recognizes MedixMAB anti-C. difficile GDH monoclonal antibody (Product code 11001), the C. difficile GDH antigen suits well as the control antigen in Clostridium difficile GDH immunological tests.

Clostridium difficile infection typically causes hospital acquired diarrhea and is often associated with previous antibiotic use. The C. difficile GDH is easily detected in faeces and used as a first line diagnostic test for C. difficile infection.

Ordering information:

  • Anti C. difficile GDH 11001 SPTN-5 (product code: 100714)
  • Recombinant C. difficile GDH antigen, 100 µg (product code: 610121)

Please see the product specifications for more details!