New MedixMAB™ antibodies against ST2

We are pleased to announce the launch of seven new antibodies for the detection of human ST2, a biomarker of cardiac stress. Accurate quantification of ST2 aids in the diagnosis of heart failure and is a valuable tool in patient follow-up.

The new MedixMAB products are mouse monoclonal antibodies, produced in vitro and raised against the human protein. Three of the ST2 antibodies recognize both free soluble ST2 (sST2) and sST2 bound to interleukin 33 (IL-33), while the other four are specific to free sST2 alone. More information available online.

  • Anti-h ST2 10201 SPTN-5, ref. 100680
  • Anti-h ST2 10202 SPTN-5, ref. 100681
  • Anti-h ST2 10203 SPTN-5, ref. 100682
  • Anti-h ST2 10204 SPTN-5, ref. 100683
  • Anti-h ST2 10205 SPTN-5, ref. 100684
  • Anti-h ST2 10206 SPTN-5, ref. 100685
  • Anti-h ST2 10207 SPTN-5, ref. 100686

All MedixMAB ST2 antibodies recognize the recombinant ST2 antigen.

Samples of the ST2 antibodies and antigen are now available upon request.