New MedixMAB™ antibodies for detection of NT-proBNP

Medix Biochemica is launching five new NT-proBNP antibodies. NT-proBNP is an accurate marker for heart failure. The new MedixMAB products are mouse monoclonal antibodies, produced in vitro and raised against human NT-proBNP. The antibodies pair excellently with our previously launched NT-proBNP antibodies 1306 and 1309 in sandwich ELISA. NT-proBNP antibodies have a remarkable assay sensitivity that correlates well with the golden standard assay on the market. Each NT-proBNP antibody recognizes and binds to a distinct linear epitope of human NT-proBNP.

MedixMAB NT-proBNP antibodies:
  •  Anti-h NT-proBNP 1306 SPTN-5, ref. 100521
  • New! Anti-h NT-proBNP 1307 SPTN-5, ref. 100719
  • New! Anti-h NT-proBNP 1308 SPTN-5, ref. 100712
  • Anti-h NT-proBNP 1309 SPTN-5, ref. 100710
  • New! Anti-h NT-proBNP 1310 SPTN-5, ref. 100718
  • New! Anti-h NT-proBNP 1311 SPTN-5, ref. 100716
  • New! Anti-h NT-proBNP 1312 SPTN-5, ref. 100717
Recombinant NT-proBNP MedixAntigens:
  • Recombinant NT-proBNP antigen, 100 µg, ref. 610090