New MedixMAB™ antibodies for Inhibin A

We are now introducing a new marker, Inhibin A, to broaden our MedixMAB products offering. The two new mouse monoclonal Inhibin A antibodies suit the needs of the IVD test development for prenatal screening or ovarian cancer.

Inhibin A, a peptide hormone produced by ovarian granulosa cells to inhibit FSH, is used as a serum marker for screening the risk of chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus during pregnancy. In addition, it can also be used as a marker of certain ovarian cancer types.

Ordering information
Product code Name
100711 Anti-h Inhibin alpha 9401 SPTN-5
100709 Anti-h Inhibin beta A 9504 SPTN-5

Both antibodies can be used as a capture and a detection antibody due to their high affinity.

Please see the product specifications of the new Inhibin A antibodies for more details:
Inhibin A antibody specifications

Samples of the Inhibin A antibodies are available upon request.