New MedixMAB™ Galectin-3 antibodies now available

Are you familiar with Galectin-3, a pro-inflammatory and pro-fibriotic marker? Galectin-3 is an interesting, novel biomarker involved in fibrosis of many of our organs, such as heart, vessels, lungs, liver, and kidneys. The most common clinical use is with chronic heart failure patients as an aid in prognosis of the disease as well as in risk-stratification of the patients.

We are now increasing the MedixMAB cardiovascular marker portfolio with the introduction of 5 new monoclonal antibodies for Galectin-3 detection as follows:

Product Code          Name

  • 100730             Anti-h Galectin-3 10301 SPTN-5
  • 100731             Anti-h Galectin-3 10302 SPTN-5
  • 100732             Anti-h Galectin-3 10303 SPTN-5
  • 100733             Anti-h Galectin-3 10304 SPTN-5
  • 100734             Anti-h Galectin-3 10305 SPTN-5

Samples of the Galectin-3 antibodies are available upon request.

Read the pair recommendations and find the product specifications for Galectin-3 antibodies online

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements, or get it touch with our product management team: moc.acimehcoibxidem@troppushcet