New Serum Amyloid A monoclonal antibodies

New Serum Amyloid A monoclonal antibodies

Serum amyloid A is used as an inflammatory marker: similarly to CRP, SAA is a clinically useful marker for the detection of inflammation as the blood level of SAA increases dramatically in response to tissue injury, inflammation or trauma. During acute inflammation, SAA levels may rise up to 1000-fold in response to viral or bacterial infection.

Recent studies have also shown that SAA can be a prognostic marker for decline and death in COVID-19 patients1.

Traditionally, SAA has been in use in veterinary assays, mostly in ELISA and lateral flow format.

Medix Biochemica offers well validated monoclonal antibodies to detect SAA in serum samples. With the introduction of five new monoclonal MedixMAB SAA antibodies, we now enable measurement of higher linear range of SAA in patient samples.

In addition to human use, we offer monoclonal antibodies which recognize feline, canine and equine SAA and can be used in the development of veterinary assays.
The new MedixMAB SAA antibodies recognize our SAA antigens, making them suitable control antigens for SAA immunological tests.

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1. Mo XN, Su ZQ, Lei CL, et al. Serum amyloid A is a predictor for prognosis of COVID-19. Respirology. 2020;25(7):764-765.