New tumor marker CA125

CA125 tumor marker antibodies

We are launching two new monoclonal antibodies for cancer antigen 125 (CA125). CA125 is the most widely used serum biomarker to monitor epithelial ovarian cancer. The new antibody clones 4601 and 4602 recognize the peptide epitope on the mucin glycoprotein MUC16 called cancer antigen 125. Antibody clone 4601 is OC125-like and belongs to group A, while antibody clone 4602 is M11-like and belongs to group B (ISOBM classification) as described in Nustad et al., 1996. These CA125 antibodies have no cross-reactivity against CA19-9, CA15-3, CYFRA21-1, CEA, AFP and HE4. They are monoclonal mouse antibodies, cultured in vitro under conditions free from animal-derived components.

Ordering information

Order number Name of monoclonal antibody
100598 Anti-h CA125 4601 STPN-5
100628 Anti-h CA125 4602 SPTN-5

Pair recommendations

Capture antibody Detection antibody
4602 4601
4601 4602

We have also tested patient samples and the results correlated well with the known CA125 levels. More information and product specifications can be found on our web pages at

Samples of CA125 antibodies are available upon request.