New Vitamin D antigens in MedixAntigens portfolio

Medix Biochemica is introducing two Vitamin D antigen products as well as two new package sizes for Vitamin D antigens launched earlier.

The new synthetic Vitamin D antigens include COOH or NH2 reactive groups. The COOH and NH2 functions can be used for further conjugation to an appropriate label, eg. HRP, biotin or BSA, thus providing more selection for any conjugation partner you may wish to use.

In addition, the existing Vitamin D antigens for BSA and biotin conjugated antigens are now available in new pack size of 100 µg.

Ordering information

  • 710062 Vitamin D antigen, NH2, 100 µg – New
  • 710063 Vitamin D antigen, COOH, 100 µg – New
  • 710060 Vitamin D antigen, BSA conjugated, 100 µg – New pack size
  • 710061 Vitamin D antigen, biotin conjugated, 100 µg – New pack size

Samples of the Vitamin D antigens are available upon request.