Pioneers in antibody technologies

Consistent quality and supply security with both hybridoma and recombinant antibody technologies
Monoclonal antibodies reliably produced in hybridomas and in recombinant hosts.

Monoclonal antibodies have experienced two significant technology leaps during their development history: the first being the discovery of hybridoma technology, and the latter the rise of protein engineering tools facilitating development of various recombinant monoclonal antibodies.

Hybridoma cells produce specific monoclonal antibodies that were originally developed through the highly efficient evolutionary maturation process of an animal’s immune system. By applying sophisticated cell biology skills, hybridoma cells can be stabilized and used to produce high volumes of monoclonal antibodies in very efficient manufacturing processes.

Recombinant antibodies make use of an antibody’s DNA sequence and a host cell, most commonly CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) or engineered human cell lines for antibody production. Once the DNA sequence of an antibody is known, any antibody can be produced, and it is possible to engineer the protein’s properties.

Varying arguments have been presented claiming superiority of antibodies produced by one technology over the other. In practice, however, the production method is not the ultimate determining factor for antibody product quality – both technologies will yield specific, high-affinity antibodies in a consistent manner when utilized by knowledgeable experts on cell biology and protein biochemistry.

At Medix Biochemica, we are using the best features of both technologies to provide our customers in the IVD industry with the highest quality antibodies. Our R&D and manufacturing processes for hybridomas are producing highly purified mouse monoclonal antibodies with excellent batch-to-batch consistency. At the same time, we are applying state-of-the-art recombinant technologies to complement our toolbox, such as projects where the mouse immune system is not ideal, or when a switch of the antibody constant region from mouse to human may add benefits for test development.

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