We now offer more with combined product portfolios

Medix Biochemica Group combined product portfolio

Recently, Medix Biochemica acquired Lee Biosolutions, based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and EastCoast Bio, based in New Berwick, Maine, USA. As one organization, we offer a single source for consistent, high quality antibodies, antigens, enzymes and biological materials. Together, we are able to meet the various needs of IVD manufacturers the best possible way.

Highlights of our product ranges include:

Medix Biochemica
  • Established and widely used monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens, including hormone, cardiovascular, inflammation, tumor and thyroid biomarkers
  • For nearing flu season high-quality Influenza A and B antibodies and antigens
  • Contract monoclonal antibody manufacturing
Lee Biosolutions
  • Native and recombinant antigens, enzymes and controls/calibrators in bulk batch sizes
  • Best in class lipoproteins (HDL/LDL), prealbumin and D-dimer products for various applications
  • Clinical chemistry products (AMY, ALP, GPT, LIP, gGT)
  • Human biological materials, including COVID-19 positive and negative saliva, nasal swabs, and serum samples
EastCoast Bio
  • Wide offering of matched antibody-antigen pairs for the detection of drugs of abuse, infectious diseases, veterinary, cardiac, serology and tumor biomarkers, as well as hormones.

Our combined portfolio also covers a wide range of antibodies and antigens – already qualified by IVD manufacturers – to COVID-19 assay development.
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Together, as a leading developer and manufacturer of critical raw materials to the IVD industry, we are ready to support our customers. Please get in touch with our global sales teams by email: moc.acimehcoibxidem@emanrus.emantsrif