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(q)PCR, Isothermal amplification

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Product NameGreenDye 20x
Catalog Number#2000

GreenDye is a highly sensivite intercalating DNA dye with a very low polymerase inhibition. GreenDye features very high fluorescence, consistent results and thermostability for more than 50 cycles. It is compatible with real-time PCR cyclers that support SYBR or FAM channels making it suitable for numerous applications.

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GreenDye 20x

Application(q)PCR, Isothermal amplification
BrandmyPOLS Biotec
Further Specification

S pack: 1 x 250 µl GreenDye 20x

M pack: 1 x 1000 µl GreenDye 20x

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Storage -20°C
ShippingCold packs