Neutrophil Elastase (ELA), Human

Catalog Number: 342-45

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Product Overview
Product Name Neutrophil Elastase (ELA), Human
Catalog Number 342-45
Alternative Names
Further Specification
Form/Appearance Lyophilized
Concentration Reported in mg/vial or mg protein/mg solid (Coomassie)
Purity ≥ 96% (SDS-PAGE)
CAS Number 2594720
Source Human Neutrophils
Specific Activity ≥ 10 U/mg protein
Unit Definition One unit will hydrolyze one micromole of methoxy succinyl-alanine-alanine-proline-valine-p-nitroanilide per minute at 37°C and pH 7.5.
Biological Activity Reported
Storage and Shipping
Storage 2-8º C
Shipping Cold Packs
Shelf Life 3 years