The mission, vision, and values of Medix Biochemica guide us to the continuous development of sustainability in our daily work. We believe that we can always improve our performance in sustainability.

We care for the people and the world around us

We dare to be the environmental leaders of our industry

We deliver Medix Biochemica as a responsible and ethical company

The core themes of our sustainability are environmentally sustainable ways of manufacturing diagnostic raw materials and responsibility for our employees and suppliers. We aim to improve in our selected themes through concrete actions, such as:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint

    We sort and recycle material needed in manufacturing processes of our first-class products. We have a program to sort and recycle paper, carton, metal, glass, biowaste, plastics, energy waste, biohazards, hazardous chemicals, electronics, batteries, and fluorescent tubes, among others. We are continuously seeking ways to use more sustainable packaging and shipping materials and transportation methods.

  • Employee actions

    We continuously measure the well-being and engagement of our colleagues, and we believe that happy employees contribute to health and sustainability of our environment. We are focusing on delivering excellent safety performance and expanding our commitment to inclusion and diversity in all our locations worldwide.

    Here are some examples of the initiatives of how we are contributing by making more environment-friendly choices in our daily work:

    -  We advise our employees to commute using bicycle or electronic or hybrid car or using train or public transport instead whenever possible.
    -  We drink CO2 compensated coffee in our offices and focus on sustainably produced food in our head office canteen in Espoo.

The overall framework for our sustainability goals stem from the United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs): THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (un.org) which call for action and support companies’ efforts to achieve more sustainable future for everyone. Among these SDG’s, Medix Biochemica can contribute the most to the following ones:

Sustainability Development Goal 3: Good health and well-beingSustainability Development Goal 5: Gender equalitySustainability Development Goal 8: Decent work and development growthSustainability Development Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructureSustainability Development Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Sustainability assessments


We are pleased to continue our sustainability journey at Medix Biochemica. This year, Medix Biochemica joined the EcoVadis sustainability rating system and scored Bronze Medal with the first response, outscoring 72 % of all companies rated by the system.

Our top performing sustainability assessment themes were environment, labor & human rights, and ethics. The rating validates and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and most importantly, it shows us where we can improve. Over the past few years, we have further increased our focus on corporate social responsibility and efforts to be more environmentally responsible. Download our EcoVadis Certificate.

EcoVadis Bronze Medal

Responsible Care

Medix Biochemica has been a member of the Responsible Care® program for Chemical Industry in Finland since 2017 and reported sustainability metrics since 2016. To prepare for CSRD, the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, Medix Biochemica has already counted scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, planned the counting of scope 3 emissions in 2023 and will be publishing our first sustainability report later 2023, well in advance of the required timelines.

Packaking materials

At Medix Biochemica, we’re actively looking for more sustainable packaging materials to ship our products to our customers across the globe. For more information about our packaking material types, please contact medix@medixbiochemica.com.