Volcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye)

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(q)PCR, RT-(q)PCR

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Product NameVolcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye)
Catalog Number#6301

Volcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye) is a ready-to-use master mix for reliable qPCR and RT-qPCR in all standard PCR cyclers. The mix contains an aptamer-based fast-start formulated enzyme blend of a robust Taq DNA polymerase and an engineered thermostable Volcano3G® DNA polymerase with reverse transcriptase activity. The mix is supplemented with a highly sensitive GreenDye (#2000) with low polymerase inhibition. Volcano3G® RT-PCR master mix enables amplification of RNA target sequences with quick and easy PCR protocols, even including "zero-step" amplification.

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Volcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye)

Application(q)PCR, RT-(q)PCR
BrandmyPOLS Biotec
Further Specification

S pack: 1 x 1.25 ml Volcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye)

M pack: 5 x 1.25 ml Volcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye)

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Storage -20°C
ShippingCold packs

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