Blood, sweat, tears (and 9,000 other products)? We IVDo that.


Extensive product portfolio

With over 5,000 products available, we can supply over 95% of the most common reagents for assay development, manufacturing and validation.

High-quality products

High-quality products are at the heart of our work, so whether it's a small product or something on an industrial scale, you can count on us to make it happen.

Get in touch with the team

We can source or synthesize bespoke products as needed. So if you need something you don't see, just get in touch with the team.


Your molecular diagnostics partner from concept to commercialization.

MedixMDx offers more than just a wide range of high-quality reagents and ready-to-use master mixes, we also offer technical support from experts with extensive experience in IVD raw material and kit manufacturing.

Because we’ve been in your shoes, we can be by your side – for every step from concept to commercialization.

MedixMDx - Your molecular diagnostics partner from concept to commercialization

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If there’s an IVD thing you need, chances are we IVDo it. We can create, engineer, purify, license and supply antibodies, biologics, chemicals and assays. Just check out our list of services below.

Whether you need milligrams or kilograms, we can IVDo that

World-leading antibody and enzyme manufacturing that’s controlled, customized and cost-effective. Our efficient production process for monoclonal antibodies uses perfusion technology, hollow-fibre bioreactors and wave tanks to produce consistently high-quality critical raw materials. Read more

Need to outsource your protein manufacturing? We IVDo that

Make antibody production effortless at any size or scale. We offer customized contract manufacturing that provides consistent, high-quality monoclonal antibodies. Plus we’ve got you covered with top-notch technical support and fast, reliable delivery. Read more

Innovative engineering? We IVDo that

Grab a mAb from our lab. We can develop and engineer hard-to-obtain monoclonal antibodies with classical fusion or through phage display – a powerful alternative technique. Read more

Developing quality diagnostic assays quickly? We IVDo that

Our IVD experts are ready to help you develop your assays. Whether you need highly specific antibodies or expert advice, we can help. Read more

Need help sourcing critical biomaterials? We IVDo that

Whatever your ambition, when it comes to the purification of biologics and chemicals, our state-of-the-art facilities can handle it. Read more

Up and running in record time? We IVDo that

If you need help developing or commercializing a molecular diagnostic solution, we're ready to work with you. As your committed and capable partner, we can get you up and running at record speed. Get in touch with one of our molecular diagnostic experts to find out more. Read more



A robust focus on R&D helps us keep up with the cutting-edge of IVD, and the needs of our customers. Our wide capabilities include antibody development, native protein extraction and recombinant antibody engineering.

You can read more about our R&D capabilities here

quoteRecombinant technology has also allowed us to rescue monoclonal antibodies from unstable cell lines, thereby securing raw material supply, and has provided opportunities to modify existing antibodies or develop new antibodies for analytes that are toxic or non-immunogenic in animals.quote


Independent, international and industry-leading

A truly global company with a proudly Finnish background, Medix Biochemica has offices and manufacturing
facilities all around the world. Partnering with us means getting access to international, industry-leading expertise,
meaning you can get to market quicker while maintaining quality.

All of our manufacturing sites stick to strict quality management systems and are ISO 13485 or ISO 9001 certified.
See our ISO certifications from our Resource Hub: