Anti-h LH 5304 SP-5

Catalog Number: 100022

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Liquid, may turn slightly opaque during storage



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Product Overview
Product Name Anti-h LH 5304 SP-5
Catalog Number 100022
Description Monoclonal mouse antibody, cultured in vitro under conditions free from animal-derived components.
Application LF, CLIA, FIA
Brand Medix Biochemica
Further Specification
Form/Appearance Liquid, may turn slightly opaque during storage
Concentration 5.0 mg/ml (+/- 10 %)
Notes Nilsson et al. (2001) analyzed epitopes of 30 different LH mAbs. Antibody 5304 was classified as belonging to epitope group beta 1 recognizing intact LH and its beta subunit as well as a common variant of LH. Antibody 5304 did not cross react with hCG, TSH or FSH.
Isotype IgG1
Clonality Monoclonal
Epitope Beta 1 as described in Nilsson et al. (2001) Two antibodies binding to the same, or closely located epitopes, belong to the same group and hence cannot be used as a pair in a sandwich assay. Epitope group numbering does not give any detailed information where the epitope is located.
Purity ≥ 95 %
Affinity constant KA= 2.9 x 1011 1/M; KD= 3.4 x 10-12 M ( = 3.4 pM)
Associated Products

Native LH antigen 996-31

Buffer 0.9 % NaCI, 0.095 % NaN3 as a preservative
IEF Profile 5.6–6.3
Cross Reactivity LH 100 %, LH α 8 %, LH β 108 %, FSH 1 %, hCG <0.03 %, TSH <0.03 %
Specificity Antibody recognizes human luteinizing hormone (lutropin), and its beta-subunit
Storage and Shipping
Storage +2-8°C
Shipping Cold packs
Shelf Life 36 months
References Nilsson, C., Seppälä, M., and Pettersson, K., (2001) Immunological characterization of human luteinizing hormone with special regard to a common genetic variant. J.Endocrinol. 168:10- 116