Anti-Influenza B 9909 SPTN-5

Catalog Number: 100473

Key Features

Liquid, may turn slightly opaque during storage



As nucleoprotein is abundant in the virus, all Anti-Influenza B antibodies (9901, 9906, and 9909) pair with themselves and each other.

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Product Overview
Product NameAnti-Influenza B 9909 SPTN-5
Catalog Number100473
DescriptionMonoclonal mouse antibody, cultured in vitro under conditions free from animal-derived components.
BrandMedix Biochemica
Further Specification
Form/AppearanceLiquid, may turn slightly opaque during storage
Concentration5.0 mg/ml (+/- 10 %)
Purity≥ 95 %
Affinity constantKA= 1.8 x 108 1/M; KD= 5.7 x 10-9 M (=5.7 nM)
Associated ProductsRecombinant Influenza B NP antigen, Medix Biochemica 610051
Buffer50 mM Na-citrate, pH 6.0, 0.9 % NaCI, 0.095 % NaN3 as a preservative
IEF Profile6.7–8.9
Cross ReactivityRecognizes Influenza B/Yamagata clade 3, Influenza B/Victoria clade 1A, clade 1A (∆2), and clade 1A (∆3). Does not recognize Influenza A (H3N2) group 3C.2a1b and group 3C.3a, Influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 group 6B.1A1 and group 6B.1A5.
SpecificityAntibody recognizes Influenza B nucleoprotein (np)
Storage and Shipping
Storage +2-8°C
ShippingCold packs
Shelf Life36 months