Butyrylcholinesterase (BCHE), Horse Serum

Catalog Number: 130-10

Key Features

Lyophilized White to pale, grey-green powder

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Product Overview
Product NameButyrylcholinesterase (BCHE), Horse Serum
Catalog Number130-10
Alternative Names
BrandLee Biosolutions
Further Specification
Form/AppearanceLyophilized White to pale, grey-green powder
Concentration> 0.1 mg protein/mg (A280nm, E = 1.36)
PurityHighly Purified
CAS Number2593716
SourceEquine Serum
Specific Activity≥ 300 U/mg protein (Typically > 900 U/mg protein)
Unit DefinitionA change of 0.2 milliabsorbance units (mA) per minute corresponds to pseudocholinesterase activity of 1 U/mL at 37 ÌŠC.
Biological Activity> 50 U/mg (Siemens Dimension® Clinical Chemistry System)
Storage and Shipping
Storage2-8º C
ShippingCold Packs
Shelf Life4 years