DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Kit

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Direct (q)PCR, Genotyping

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Product NameDirectBlood Genotyping PCR Kit
Catalog Number#5000

DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Kit enables sensitive, rapid and reproductible real-time PCR detection of a wide range of SNPs from EDTA blood samples without prior DNA extraction. 2x DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Mix includes an engineered, aptamer-based fast-start DNA polymerase, optimized reaction buffer and ultrapure dNTPs.

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DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Kit

ApplicationDirect (q)PCR, Genotyping
BrandmyPOLS Biotec
Further Specification

S pack: 4 x LyoCakes, 1 x 1.25 ml Rehydration buffer

M pack: 20 x LyoCakes, 5 x 1.25 ml Rehydration buffer

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StorageAmbient / -20°C

Geiger, K., Zach, C., Leiherer, A., Fraunberger, P., Drexel, H., & Muendlein, A. (2020). Real‐time PCR based HLA‐B* 27 screening directly in whole blood. HLA, 95(3), 189-195.

Muendlein, A., Leiherer, A., Zach, C., Brandtner, E. M., Fraunberger, P., Drexel, H., & Geiger, K. (2019). Real-time PCR based detection of the lactase non-persistence associated genetic variant LCT-13910C> T directly from whole blood. Molecular biology reports, 46(2), 2379-2385.

Geiger, K., Leiherer, A., Brandtner, E. M., Fraunberger, P., Drexel, H., & Muendlein, A. (2019). Direct blood PCR: TaqMan-probe based detection of the venous thromboembolism associated mutations factor V Leiden and prothrombin c. 20210G> A without DNA extraction. Clinica chimica acta, 488, 221-225.