Isotherm3G DNA Polymerase

Catalog Number: #8701

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Product Name Isotherm3G DNA Polymerase
Catalog Number #8701

Isotherm3G DNA Polymerase is a mesophilic DNA polymerase, which synthesizes DNA from both DNA and RNA templates with a high strand displacement activity activity allowing simplified one-enzyme RT-LAMP reactions. It exhibits 5’ to 3’ polymerase activity but lacks any exonuclease activity. The product components have been optimized and are perfectly suited for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) with optimal reaction temperature at 65°C.

The product is available also in bulk quantities with custom fillings and can be produced customized for example in a lyo-ready formulation.

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Isotherm3G DNA Polymerase 

Application Isothermal
Further Specification

1 600 U: 8U/µl, 1x 200µl Isotherm3G DNA Polymerase; 1x 1ml 10x Isotherm3G reaction buffer

8 000 U: 8U/µl, 1x 1ml Isotherm3G DNA Polymerase; 3x 1ml 10x Isotherm3G reaction buffer

Storage and Shipping
Storage -20°C
Shipping Cold packs