Normalized Human Serum

Catalog Number: H1091

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QC Materials, Base Matrix

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Product Overview
Product NameNormalized Human Serum
Catalog NumberH1091
DescriptionNormalized Human Serum
ApplicationQC Materials, Base Matrix
Alternative Names
BrandBioresource Technology
Further Specification
NotesThis product is final formulated to the following parameters: Total Protein: Reported in g/dL Sodium: Reported in mmol/L Potassium: Reported in mmol/dL Chloride: Reported in mmol/dL Cholesterol: Reported in mg/dL Triglycerides: Reported in mg/dL Phosphorus: Reported in mg/dL Creatinine: Reported in mg/dL Calcium: Reported in mg/dL Albumin: Reported in g/dL pH: Reported Microbial Count: <100 CFU/mL
Purity0.2 micron filtered plasma
SourcePooled Human Donors
Storage and Shipping
ShippingDry Ice