Taq DNA polymerase Hot-Start

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End-Point, Real-Time

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Product Overview
Product Name Taq DNA polymerase Hot-Start
Catalog Number #1101

Taq DNA polymerase Hot-Start is an aptamer-based fast-start formulated DNA polymerase supplied with a 10x reaction buffer that has been specially designed for optimal PCR performance and DNA polymerase activity. It's "Hot-Start" feature eliminates false amplification at temperatures below 50-55°C. 

This DNA polymerase is suitable for a wide range of PCR applications and it's 5'-3'-exonuclease activity means it can be used for hydrolysis probe-based real-time PCRs.

For research use and further manufacturing. Designed and manufactured under ISO13485

Application End-Point, Real-Time
Further Specification

S pack: 400 U, 5 U/µl, 1 x 80 µl Taq DNA polymerase Hot-Start; 2x 1.25 ml 10 x Taq Buffer

L pack: 4000 U, 5 U/µl, 2 x 400 µl Taq DNA polymerase Hot-Start; 13x 1.25 ml 10 x Taq Buffer

Storage and Shipping
Storage -20°C
Shipping Cold packs

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